Today I woke up hopeful only to find out that the people of Scotland have denied their independence and have chosen to stay part of the UK under tory rule. We’ll have to wait a long time to get another chance like yesterday, and so today, I am gutted to be a part of a country that doesn’t want better its self. I have no words for the emotions that I feel or for that sick feeling in my stomach and throat. Nothing ends here.


After my grad ball, my girlfriend walked from our hotel to get me the ultimate hangover cure. A blue slush.
And that, my friends, is why my girlfriend is better than everybody else’s.

god bless the science centre. we’re a happy wee pair x

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i m voting no independence is a bad idea. you should do the same.

when do you plan on voting no because polling stations closed an hour ago

The energy around me has been so overwhelming the past few weeks. The solidarity throughout communities gives me so much hope knowing that when I wake up tomorrow, Scotland may be an independent country. I am terrified and excited and overall optimistic. This could be amazing.


Jay Adams. 1961-2014.

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You lucky duck, I wanted to see chvrches so bad when they were here in the states.

I went to see them last year but they’re playing a better venue in november so i’m really looking forward to this time around

Random but would you happen to know what I could use to hide dark eye circles? I'm a guy so I'm new to the world of make up and what not

concealer or something? i don’t know anything about make up either, sorry.



Allan Watson

Demolition of Ravenscraig Gas and Water Towers


Weird that this exact moment is probably the earliest memory I have. 

Same Tories.

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I got high last night, and woke with this on my table

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Pictured Rocks, MI

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